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Namibia is the definitive land of big vistas with large expanses of the most remarkable desert and semi-arid scenery. There is a surprising range and diversity of big game here, unperturbed by a small human population and large tracts of wilderness over which to range. With its endless space Namibia is not always the concentrated wildlife safari experience found in the more savannah-dominated countries, but instead offers an authentic wilderness, one within which to experience truly wild animals roaming over large distances.

The Experience:

Ever-changing colours of sand and impossibly spectacular lodge locations are a given, yet there is more to this corner of Africa than scenery. Flying over the empty beauty of the Skeleton Coast and tracking the world’s last free- roaming black rhino population on foot open up little-visited spaces. Walking through the boulder-strewn backdrop of the southern Namibrand wilderness and getting lost with your guide in the country’s northern Kunene frontier are both experiences that allow you to feel a deep sense of moving, isolated beauty, unique to Namibia.

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