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The Amazon basin is a marvel of the world and the imagination, an ecosystem of unrivalled size and diversity, and a place of near mythical status among travellers. The Amazon River has more water than the next eight largest rivers combined, and is twice the area of India, and the basin spans eight countries. It’s a life spring of the planet, the source of so much of the air, water and weather we all depend on. However, unreasonable travel expectations – like seeing jaguars and semi-clothed Indians around every bend – can be a recipe for disappointment. For all its size, the joys of the Amazon are mostly subtle: the ghostly roar of howler monkeys, the remarkable variety of plant life, the kindliness of riverside communities and the quiet but awesome power of the river itself.

The Experience:

Aria Amazon Cruise

Travel far into the depths of the Amazon’s rainforests enjoying an intimate glimpse of her wildlife, ecosystems, local customs and marine and jungle landscapes. 

Designed by leading Peruvian architect Jordi Puig, a cruise on the Aria Amazon offers the comfort and elegance of a custom-designed ship. It is spacious and indulgent, yet private enough to feel entirely exclusive with blackout floor to ceiling windows providing a generous picture of the Amazon River in each of the Aria Amazon's 16 design suites. Soft lighting, natural fibers and neutral hues create a relaxing and luxuriously comfortable enclave where one’s only challenge may be to decide whether to gaze upon the Amazon from atop the California king size bed or while lounging on the cozy window-side day bed, binoculars in hand.

Delfin Amazon Cruises

The blooming soul of the northern Amazon Rainforest is among the most protected biodiversity swaths remaining today in the region, and no other destinations in Peru offers the kind of unbarred access to some of Earth’s most elusive creatures and plants.

Delfin Cruises are dedicated to collaborating the rich rainforest ecosystem with its own identity, which permeate through every aspect of the vessels and operations. Collected irapay leaves (typically seen on residential huts) form the boats’ waterproof roofs, lamps made from spare paiche fish scales highlight common areas and quality woods from the forest form the very boat and suites. Roof-to-floor panelled windows provide unobstructed views of the ever-changing river conditions and the human communities that live with each other.

Go fishing for piranhas, explore into the dense jungle on foot in search of three-toed sloths, toucans, macaws then come back to the comfort of our skiffs to and hunt for endangered pink dolphins, unique to the Amazon, at play. When lazy afternoons roll around or if you want to gaze at the millions of southern stars set against the blackest of skies, venture to the top deck where soothing lounge space and a bar will lull you into pure relaxation. 

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