Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi - Conservation and education with in-house Marine Biologist

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi is positioned directly on the coast of the Arabian Gulf on the natural island of Saadiyat, which boasts nine kilometres of white sandy beach. 

An important conservation area, the beach is home to an abundance of wildlife including nesting hawksbill turtles and indo-pacific humpback dolphins. 

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi is the only hotel in Abu Dhabi to employ their own resident marine biologist, Arabella Willing. She helps the hotel protect the local biota, but also implements strict environmental standards behind the scenes. 

Hawksbill turtles are a critically endangered species whose numbers have been reduced eighty percent in the last one hundred years, our Saadiyat beach makes for the best nesting grounds for this endangered species. Great care is taken to give the turtles the best opportunity possible to continue their nesting activity. 

The nesting season extends from April to the end of August. During this time the hotel makes some changes to ensure we don’t interfere with this important process. Outdoor lighting, including landscape and façade lighting at the beachfront is reduced. At night the beach is closed and the furniture pulled back to allow the mothers to find the perfect nesting site. 

The use of artificial light during hatching season can confuse emerging turtles and lead them in the wrong direction. In natural areas, the turtles are guided by moonlight on the sea. The nests are marked and hatchling monitored carefully to ensure the baby turtles survive their first long and often treacherous trip to the water.

Saadiyat beach holds Blue Flag Beach certification, an internationally recognised achievement awarded to beaches and marinas that follow strict criteria relating to water quality, environmental management, safety, facilities and educational programmes.