Stunning Scottish Wilderness - Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Stay in Alladale’s well-equipped lodge or in one of the two beautifully converted farmhouses which provide the ideal base to head out and explore the extraordinary landscape, a last remaining segment of The Great Forest of Caledon. Walking, breathing, hiking, cycling, fishing, running, visiting the secret waterfall or simply sitting and meditating…. you have 23,000 acres of glens, rugged hilltops and rivers to roam and find your perfect spot to enjoy time on yourown or connect with your group.

Our dedicated team at Alladale are local to the area. Our guides have a deep appreciation of the bio-diversity of the region and will happily explain the purpose and progress of Alladale’s long term re-wilding project, whilst ensuring you uncover the natural powers of the reserve. Your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing promises to be re-awakened and re-nourished.

But there is no getting away from it - at Alladale Mother Nature plays the most important role of all, ensuring everyone who stands in her shadow returns home feeling healthier and happier.

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