WONDERS - Fine dining on The Great Wall of China.

Fancy a fine dining experience on the Great Wall of China?

Offering exclusively China and only the best, our tour operator in China is unchallenged in the quality of service we offer our guests.  When welcoming you to the Middle Kingdom, it is our goal to make you feel immediately comfortable, as if you had close family members introducing you to a country they love.

As soon as you land, you will enjoy the services of the finest, handpicked China guides in addition to either a western, bilingual China Host or alternatively a western “virtual” concierge.  They will facilitate and refine an itinerary that has been developed to match destinations, hotels, restaurants and specialists to your unique tastes and interests.

Beyond our insistence to provide you with the best available guides, experts, China Hosts and facilities, we commit to continually develop new “Imperial Moments” to access the romance of China’s past, the underlying reality of her present and the unprecedented potential of her future.

We believe in doing our part to mould the future by working with governmental tourism bodies we help promote China as a compelling luxury travel destination.

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