Your money is safe

Protected Travel Services (PTS) was set up to provide the UK consumer with the highest level of financial protection in the Travel Industry. PTS provides you with complete protection against the failure of both Luxury Travel Advisors as well as their suppliers. This protection lasts from the point that you book your holiday through to the point when you return.

PTS provides consumer protection in simple ways:

  • All money Luxury Travel Advisors collect from you is paid directly into an independently controlled trust account
  • You are provided with a link to our PTS system which allows you to confirm Luxury Travel Advisors have your money in the trust account
  • Luxury Travel Advisors arrange all payments for your holiday to go direct from the trust account to their suppliers
  • You will always be protected against the insolvency of Luxury Travel Advisors or any of their suppliers from the time you make your first payment until after you have travelled

The Trust Account

Solicitors and accountants have always had to hold their customers money in trust accounts. The principle is very simple; it is your money so Luxury Travel Advisors hold it separately and do not use it to run their business.

As a client of PTS, Luxury Travel Advisors are contractually bound to pay any money they receive from their customers into the trust account. All card payments taken can only be paid into the trust account.