Luxury Travel Advisors have handpicked some of the most extreme landscapes on the planet. 

Imagine an enormous volcanic island 80% of which is hidden by the world’s second largest ice sheet- an absolute paradise for those who love pure, natural beauty in an extreme setting.

The Experience:

Only the edges of Greenland- the size of Europe and with just 55,000 inhabitants- are ice-free. On the west of Greenland, explore dreamy Disko Bay, dotted with charming settlements, stunning fjords, small inlets and islands. This is the backyard of the Greenland icecap, with its enormous glaciers and towering icebergs floating out into the Arctic Ocean. Real adventurers can travel- or even sail- to the extreme north where the perpetual permafrost prevails, or head east to discover the Inuit still living authentically in captivating villages on one of the largest nature reserves in the world. Prepare to be surprised by the charming south, home to villages such as Narsarsuaq and Qaqortoq, where green is the dominant colour in summer: a fertile landscape filled with countless grazing sheep and horses.

Your confidence can rest in our knowledge, discretion, and the very highest calibre of planning, which we undertake personally. Our destination is the unfamiliar, accomplished in every fresh detail by the invisible strings of weightless service. The authentic Inuit lifestyle to the the phosphorescent trail of the Northern Lights.

The Nordic countries are majestic and ethereal, immersed in a beauty we believe to be peerless.
It is our pleasure to create the space for you to connect with them purely.

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