PRIVATE JET JOURNEYS - the ultimate experience.

For more than 20 years, TCS World Travel has been providing highly personalized, enriching travel experiences for our guests from the comfort and convenience of our private jets. 

When you travel with us, you travel with the most experienced private jet team in the industry. TCS World Travel has operated more than 240 trips to over 150 destinations, making us the world leader in private jet travel. Every person, from our trip planners to our expedition leaders, knows how to deliver a truly immersive, worry-free travel experience.
Founded in 1991, TCS World Travel was the first private jet expedition company to travel the globe. TCS World Travel is a Delaware, U.S.A. corporation which is a member of the TUI Travel Group of companies, one of the world’s largest and most successful travel and tourism organisations.

A VIP-dedicated Boeing 757 private jet, fully customised for the trip • Fly direct and land close to destinations with expedited service through airport security • VIP luggage service—our staff takes care of guests’ bags throughout the entire journey • Experienced expedition leaders and their support team expertly guide guests through their days • Each stop is enhanced by local experts and guides who provide essential background information and an insider’s view on every stop we visit • Experts from world-renowned organizations travel on our expeditions to share their knowledge of the sights, cultures and people we encounter • A doctor travels throughout the entire trip to ensure a safe, healthy experience • An in-house Private Travel department to customise independent, pre- and post-trip journeys.



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