Luxury Travel Advisors have handpicked some of the most extreme landscapes on the planet. 

People have settled in the Kathmandu Valley for over 2000 years. Throughout this period, the valley has witnessed the migration of people from the high plateaus of Tibet, the fertile plains of the Ganges, and everywhere between. This intermingling of people and cultures created a vibrant and diverse society within the valley. By the 12th century, the inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley had developed a unique civilisation indigenous to the region and were known throughout the region as the Newars. They shared – and continue to share – a linguistic and cultural community bound together by a common language and culture called Newari.

The Experience:

Imagine standing on the Tibetan plateau, with the Himalayas directly in front of you at an elevation of 5,050m. After you take a deep breath of the cool mountain air, you jump on a mountain bike and cruise at a rapid rate, straight downhill into the lush tropics of Nepal, descending 4,380m (14,370ft) within two days and completing a total of 157km in both directions.  Take an adventure of a lifetime



The history of Dwarika's Hotel is intertwined with the life and times of its founder, Dwarika Das Shrestha. Dwarika was an extraordinary human being – a true visionary who was acutely aware of his own identity, the changing world around him and his responsibility towards it.

With 86 meticulously designed rooms and suites, Dwarika's Hotel Kathmandu offers a regal experience comparable to the royal suites of the 14th century Malla kings of Nepal.

Food is central to the Dwarika's lifestyle. We place a strong focus on food that is fresh, organic and local. Many of the ingredients we use at the restaurants are grown at our two organic farms.

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