Chinese cuisine is the ghost at the feast of global gastronomy. Despite a rich gastronomic tradition dating back more than two millennia and a remarkable history of culinary innovation, Chinese food is almost invisible at the highest international levels. The Michelin Guides do not venture into China beyond Hong Kong and Macau; the only place on Chinese territory to make the 2014 S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna World’s 50 Best list was a French restaurant in Hong Kong, Amber. Even this year’s Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list included a mere six Chinese restaurants in the whole of mainland China. According to the outside gastronomic world, Chinese cuisine seems to be largely terra incognita.

You can enjoy every holiday booked through a PTS client knowing that you have 100% financial protection and full peace of mind at all times.



  • All money they collect from you is paid directly into an independently controlled trust account
  • You are provided with a link to our PTS system which allows you to confirm we have your money in the trust account. The link will also provide you with an online itinerary for your holiday
  • We arrange all payments for your holiday to go direct from the trust account to the suppliers. These payments are checked and authorised by the independent trustees
  • You will always be protected against the insolvency of the travel company you booked with or any of their suppliers from the time you make your first payment until after you have travelled

The Trust Account

Solicitors and accountants have always had to hold their customers money in trust accounts. The principle is very simple; it is your money so your travel company should hold it separately and not use it to run their business.

All clients of PTS are contractually bound to pay any money they receive from customers into the trust account. All card payments taken by PTS clients can only be paid into the trust account.